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Live performers and studio musicians are familiar with having to find a place to put their laptop, tablet or central effect unit. But also being able to move your workstation around when working at home can be helpful to ensure a quick and flexible change of scenery. The LTST 02 W laptop stand from Gravity® offers you this possibility. Whether you're a musician, technician, photographer or stay-at-home worker, the universally applicable, flexible and very stable tray means you no longer need to worry about your work equipment.

There are many ways the large, height-adjustable tray panel, which offers enough space to accommodate all common 12 "to 17" laptops, can be used. The four adjustable retaining bolts - which can be removed if required - ensure the safe and secure positioning of laptops, tablets or compact mixers on the tray. Numerous ventilation slots enable the proper ventilation of electronics. Extra flexibility is offered by the tray panel which can be adjusted to any angle. This allows the LTST 02 W to be used both vertically and horizontally, for example, to keep your notes visible at all times when giving a talk.

The LTST 02 W is an extremely stylish laptop stand with a sleek look, mainly in part due to its single leg and a flat base made out of solid steel. In contrast to conventional tripods which are rarely used off stage or outside the studio due to their close resemblance to microphone and loudspeaker stands, the LST 02 W also cuts a fine figure at events, conferences or in offices. The height of the LTST 02 W can be flexibly adjusted between 79 cm and 129 cm, meaning it can also be used while sitting down.

With the LTST 02 W, Gravity® offers you a universal laptop stand that's bound to win you over as a flexible portable tool for setting up mobile performance rigs in a variety of situations.

Product type Stands and Tripods Multimedia Equipment
Type Laptop Stand
Support material Steel
Tube material Steel
Tubing surface Powder-coated
Color White
Width adjusting jaws 40 mm
Width spacing between adjusting pins min. 120 mm
Width spacing between adjusting pins max. 425 mm
Height spacing between adjusting pins to adjusting jaws min. 117 mm
Height spacing between adjusting pins to adjusting jaws max 250 mm
Width spacing between adjusting jaws min. 130 mm
Width spacing between adjusting jaws max. 360 mm
Support width 480 mm
Tray height 330 mm
Min. height 790 mm
Max. height 1200 mm
Transport length 790 mm
Height adjustment Set screw with safety split pin
Dimensions Base (W x H x D) 565 x 20 x 330 mm
Base material Steel
Base weight 8.2 kg
Max. load capacity 15 kg
Black ring pack included Yes
Weight 11,76 kg
Current Stock:
Weight: 13.00 KGS
Width: 0.35
Height: 0.10
Depth: 0.62

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