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Delivers all Apogee Native/Hardware DSP FX to Symphony Desktop and Apogee’s DualPath-Hybrid Workflow for Recording and Mixing with Zero Latency and Total Flexibility.

Apogee Electronics’ February 2022 software release for Symphony Desktop delivers the complete suite of Apogee’s Native/Hardware DSP DualPath plugins. Symphony Desktop is the only audio interface that lets you record, monitor, mix and master using the Apogee plugin DSP on your interface and the same native plugins in your DAW - no audio interface hardware required. This hybrid, DualPath workflow now features 6 premium Apogee plugins, all accessible on the Symphony Desktop touchscreen and in your DAW.

What’s Included in the February 2022 Symphony Desktop Release

  • Apogee ModEQ 6, ModComp and Opto-3A plugins are now fully supported in the Apogee Channel FX plugin wrapper for Symphony Desktop.
  • Full control of all Apogee Native/Hardware DSP DualPath plugins from the Symphony Desktop’s Touchscreen Control.
  • All Apogee Hardware DSP plugins are now available on all 8* Optical Inputs (*8 when using ADAT, 4 when using SMUX, 2 when using S/PDIF) this includes:
    • Symphony ECS Channel Strip
    • Pultec EQP-1A
    • Pultec MEQ-5
    • ModEQ-6
    • ModComp
    • Opto-3A
  • All Hardware DSP versions of Apogee FX plugins are included for free in this upgrade for existing users and with the new purchases of Symphony Desktop.
  • Symphony ECS Channel Strip native plugin is also included with Symphony Desktop
  • The complete suite of Apogee FX Native plugins is available at point of purchase with Symphony Desktop at a discount of 50% off.

Apogee Control 2 also now available - February 2022 Release for Symphony Desktop, Duet 3, and Legacy USB Audio Interfaces


Flagship Sound Quality. Vintage Preamp Emulation. Hardware DSP with Premium Native Plugins. Immersive Touch Screen Interface.

Put the Sound of a Symphony on Your Desk

Symphony Desktop for Mac, iPad Pro and Windows packs the legendary sound quality of Apogee’s rack-mount Symphony I/O Mk II into an elegant and inspiring 10×10 audio interface that sits on your desk and fits in your bag. With Symphony Desktop, musicians and producers are empowered to record, overdub and mix with the music industry’s most respected AD/DA converters and mic preamps. By combining superior performance, with new features like mic preamp emulation, the Symphony ECS Channel Strip and Clearmountain’s Spaces reverb plugins, ultra low latency recording with hardware DSP and Apogee native FX plugins, Symphony Desktop will amplify your creativity in your studio or on the go and give your recordings the Apogee sound quality Advantage.

Also Included with Symphony Desktop*

Pultec EQP-1A & Pultec MEQ-5

Native + DualPath DSP version

Opto 3-A

Native + DualPath DSP version

Mod EQ-6

Native + DualPath DSP version

Mod Comp

Native + DualPath DSP version


Complete Control from Device to DAW

Intuitive and Powerful Touch Screen and Desktop Control Applications

Touch Screen Control

Access every critical setting from the intuitive and immersive touch screen

Symphony Desktop’s Touch Screen Control application gives you complete access to all essential hardware and software features. From mic pre gain to mixer, to monitor output volume and plugins you can dial it in without touching your mouse. Touch Screen Control also gives Symphony Desktop more independence and stability across all platforms  – macOS, iPad OS and Windows 10.

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