Audiobuy resurfaces...


June 2020: After a couple of years hiding, the scam web site is operating again.  The ACN they have used as proof they are an Australian company was deregistered in Dec 2018. 

ACN 613589272 

All previous information below remains valid.


July 2018: has resurfaced again. Sadly we haven't seen the last of this dodgy character. 

You can see here the audiobuy Australian trademark has expired.


He is not an Australian resident and no longer holds a legitimate trademark.  

Supporting information at:




Fact: is a grey importer, it is NOT an Australian business.

Fact: It has no staff in Australia, no stock in Australia, no office in Australia.

Fact: We purchased a PreSonus product (an HP4 headphone amplifier) from and it arrived with a USA power supply (110 Volts) making it unusable in Australia without an expensive step down transformer.

Fact: Every product is sent from overseas.

Fact: audiobuy is replicating this grey market business model in many countries, Canada, Hong KongSingaporeSouth Africa etc.. 

Fact: Link Audio will not honour warranty, rebates or redemption products for any products purchased from