Link Audio to distribute Positive Grid

Positive Grid has announced Link Audio Pty Ltd as its distribution partner in Australia for Positive Grid hardware products. Link Audio is proud to add the new Positive Grid BIAS amplifier and BIAS pedal line to our portfolio of top brands and products.

BIAS is an ecosystem of both software and hardware pedals and amplifiers for guitar and bass guitar, focused on sharing. With BIAS Amp & BIAS FX software, you can capture any amp or pedal tone in the world, and design your own custom tones, component by component - plus share and download thousands more on our ToneCloud.

With just a few taps on your desktop or Tablet (iOS), you can download thousands of amp and pedal match models created by professional artists and engineers while sharing your own custom amp tones with the world.

The first Positive Grid shipment is due to arrive in Australia in mid to late March. 

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