We have had numerous customers complain to us about audiobuy.com.au

Please note audiobuy.com.au is a grey importer, it is NOT a legitimate Australian business. It has no staff in Australia, no stock in Australia, no genuine office in Australia. The address listed on their web site is a serviced office with no staff in it. The Sydney 02 phone number goes to message bank. They use illegitimate means to source a .com.au web address.  

Many users who place orders simply never receive their goods and if they do, the goods will always have the wrong voltage and/or power cable. Everything is sent from overseas, and if there are problems, you must return your product overseas.

We strongly suggest audiobuy.com.au is avoided. Link Audio will not honour warranty, rebates or redemption products for any PreSonus or Aston products purchased from audiobuy.com.au