The Facts!


Fact: has finally shut down. 


Fact: is a grey importer, it is NOT an Australian business.

Fact: It has no staff in Australia, no stock in Australia, no genuine office in Australia.

Fact: The address listed on their web site is a serviced office with no staff in it. The Sydney 02 phone number goes to message bank.

Fact: The overseas based owner of audiobuy has applied for an Australian trade mark on the name Audiobuy, so they can have a web address  

Fact: We purchased a PreSonus product (an HP4 headphone amplifier) from and it arrived with a USA power supply making it unusable in Australia.

Fact: Every product is sent from overseas.

Fact: Audiobuy is now persuing legal pressure on our web hosting company to remove this page and legal pressure on user forums to remove negative publicity about them.

Fact: audiobuy is replicating this grey market business model in many countries, Canada, Hong KongSingaporeSouth Africa etc.. 

Fact: Link Audio will not honour warranty, rebates or redemption products for any products purchased from