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Building on the foundation set by its larger siblings BIAS Head and BIAS Rack, BIAS MINI Guitar squeezes the same advanced component emulation engine, authentic dynamic tube amp feel and wireless connectivity into an even smaller and lighter package. Weighing only 2.4kg with a built-in 300-watt power amp, nothing else on the planet comes close to BIAS MINI for small-to-medium sized gigs and recording sessions.

BIAS MINI Guitar (and BIAS MINI Bass) feature 16 onboard presets, built-in Bluetooth wireless and USB, MIDI In and Out, a balanced Line output, headphone amp, and a built-in power amp rated at 300 watts @ 4 ohms.  Both amps also come with a free BIAS Amp 2 license (US$199 value), for component-level circuit tweaking and connection to the Positive Grid ToneCloud®.


Take one look at the front panel of BIAS MINI and you’ll feel right at home, because the knobs do what you expect them to. Call up one of the 16 onboard presets and tweak the Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, and Master just like you’d expect to on a normal tube head, push the Output button to cycle through controls for the amp, headphone and line outputs, and then get back to playing.


In the past good tone was both expensive and heavy, but BIAS MINI turns that notion on its head. With a built-in power amp rated at 300 watts @ 4 ohms, there’s plenty of power on tap for medium-sized gigs and recording sessions, and at just over 2.3kg in a half-rack enclosure, there’s no longer any excuse not to take your favourite tones on the road with you wherever you go. Add to that a glitchless effects loop for your favorite effects and the ability to take pedals like a champ, and BIAS MINI makes the impossible possible.


  • Guitar amplifier featuring component-level emulation engine
  • 16 onboard custom amplifier presets (with thousands more available on ToneCloud®)
  • Built-in 300-Watt Class D power amplifier (300 watts @4 ohms, 150 watts @8 ohms)
  • Glitchless Mono Effects Loop (loop does not mute at patch recall)
  • Built-in noise gate
  • Nine built-in reverbs
  • 1/4 and balanced XLR direct output
  • MIDI I/O on 1/8th inch connectors (adapter cables included)
  • Footswitch input
  • Front panel headphone output on 1/8th inch connector
  • Built-in Bluetooth Wireless for mobile control
  • USB for connecting to Desktop Mac or PC
  • Full BIAS AMP Pro software license ($199 value)
  • Freemium iPad and iPhone mobile apps for Bluetooth connection
  • Tonecloud® Integration - backup, download and share presets on the cloud
  • Load custom IR’s, send IR's to line outputs exclusively
  • Supports Amp Match® custom amplifier presets for direct operation
  • Compact size. weighs only 2.5KG
  • Speaker output: ¼” Jack.
  • Made in Taiwan
  • BIAS MINI Guitar can also play all the BIAS MINI BASS amp presets. 

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Weight: 2.40 KGS
Width: 26.40
Height: 5.40
Depth: 25.50

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