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PQ Mastering EQ




Mastering Equalizer

The PQ Mastering Equalizer is a fully parametric, dual-channel five-band equalizer.

The PQ Mastering Equalizer – Model 1540/1544 is a new revised edition of the well-known SPL PQ Mastering Equalizer – Model 2050.

Both units are based on our 120V Rail Technology. The new PQ features the same high-quality characteristics as the previous model.

All five bands can each be activated or deactivated and you got the possibility (for every single band) to separately switch between Constant Q and Proportional Q. This kind of circuit has not yet been achieved in any other equalizer.

Each channel can completely be activated or deactivated, thanks to Auto-Bypass, even automated in a freely selectable time frame.

Bypass of each band and constant Q of the left side can be controlled by the right side in Link mode.

Thanks to the 1/4 Gain-Switch, you can reduce a maximum increase or attenuation of the amplitude by the factor 3/4, which regulates the potentiometer from max +/-20 dB to +/-5 dB cut. This gives you the possibility to perform small corrections, as common in Mastering or higher amplitudes in Proportional-Q mode.

Thanks to the detented potentiometers, a precise recall is very easy to realize. You can also adjust parameters Gain, Frequency and Q in 41 steps with the detented potentiometers.


Frequency Range: 10Hz - 40kHz

CMRR (1 kHz, +34 dBu, Band 1-5 ON, B/C = 0 : › -82dB

Transmission Bandwidth: (3 dB, Band 1-5 ON, B/C = 0): 10 Hz-100 kHz

THD & N (@ 24dBu, Constant-Q) › 107dB

THD & N (@ 24dBu, Proportional-Q) › 106dB

Noise (unweighted, at 24 dBu, Band 1-5 ON, B/C = 0) - 91dBu

Noise (A-weighted, at 24 dBu, Band 1-5 ON, B/C = 0) - 94dBu

Noise (CCIR, at 24 dBu, Band 1-5 ON, B/C = 0) - 86dBu

Harmonic Distortion:

  • 0,2% @ 1kHz/-30dBu
  • 0,05% @ 1kHz/-20 dBu
  • 0,01% @ 1kHz/0 dB
  • 0,002% @ 1kHz/+10 dBu
  • 0,0005% @ 1kHz/+30 dBu


Input Inpedance: 20kOhm

Max. Input Level: + 32,5dBu


Output Inpedance: ‹ 600Ohm

Max. Output Level: + 32,5dBu


Power Consumption: max. 61W


  • 230 V/50 Hz: 3,15 Amp
  • 115 V/60 Hz: 6,3 Amp

Dimensions: 482 x 177 x 311,5 mm

Weight: 15,2 kg

Current Stock:
Weight: 15.20 KGS
Width: 48.20
Height: 17.70
Depth: 31.15

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